English Diary: I Bought Some Books about Learning English 20220529 #2-105

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming back to my channel. My name is Mai and this is Nomadonomado English Diary for the 28th of May 2022.

It’s been three weeks since I arrived in Japan, and I have one more week before going back to Canada.

I went to the library with my niece and borrowed some books about learning English. Usually, I don’t read books and books for learning English are no exception. It’s because I can get information online about what I need and also because it’s difficult to buy books written in Japanese in Canada.

I took a few books for learning English but honestly, half of them were not something I wanted to read. On the other hand, there are some books that I want to keep, so I bought them on Amazon.

I sometimes buy books written in Japanese when I come back to Japan, but I didn’t mean to do so this time. Anyway, I think I got good books for improving my English. I will read them after I go back to Canada.

Today, it’s Sunday. And I am going to visit Tokyo tower with my niece. Therefore, this is all for today’s diary.

Thank you for listening again and I will talk more about our visit to Tokyo tower tomorrow. Until then, goodbye!


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