English Diary: I Went to Yebisu Beer Museum 20220526 #2-103

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming back to my channel. My name is Mai and this is Nomadonomado English Diary for the 26th of May 2022.

Yesterday, I went to Yebisu Garden Place. I thought it was a shopping centre, but there were not many shops. They have some restaurants, bars and shops which sell food.

Yebisu Garden Place

Anyway, the reason I went there was not because I wanted to do shopping. I wanted to go to Yebisu beer museum nearby.

Yebisu beer is one of my favourite Japanese beers, but I didn’t know it was located in Tokyo. The museum was not big, but it was beautifully taken care of. It’s free to enter, but there also is a paid tour. Apparently, if you take a paid tour, tasting beer will be included.

I didn’t take a paid tour. Just walking around in the museum was nice. There was a little section to drink Yebisu beer. It seemed that they had different types of Yebisu beer, which was tempting, but I didn’t go in.

My husband likes Yebisu beer too. I assume that we are going to visit there together again, and we may try the beer tasting at that time.

There was a small gift shop as well. They have glasses, T-shirts and other goods with their logos, although I didn’t buy anything. Because I walked to the museum from home, which took me about 40 minutes, I didn’t want to bring anything with me all the way back home.

Alright, that’s all for now. Thank you for listening as usual. I am very happy to receive any comments, feedback and questions. Don’t forget to visit my website as well which is nomadonomado.com where you can find the English script of today’s episode.

I hope you enjoyed this diary. Thank you very much again, and I will talk more about my stay in Japan next time. Until then, goodbye.


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