English Diary: I Bought A Can Opener in Japan 20220519 #2-97

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my channel. My name is Mai and this is Nomadonomado English diary for the 19th of May 2022.

Today, I went shopping to two different places. I bought a bottle of sake and a bottle of wine in the first shop, and secondly I went to Muji to buy some clothes.

I go to Uniqlo and Muji every time I come back to Japan. We have Uniqlo in Quebec, but the items are not the same. To me, the items in Uniqlo in Japan look better quality than the ones in Uniqlo in Montreal.

I think I should start thinking about the things that I want to bring back to Canada from Japan. First, I bought a can opener today, which was on the list of things that I must buy in Japan.

You might find it funny that I have to buy a can opener in Japan and bring it back to Canada. I think it’s bizarre too, but in Canada, it’s difficult to buy a simple can opener that you can easily buy in Japan.

The most common can opener in Canada is gear-type, you know, you need to turn the handle to open a can. It may look nice to you, but usually it’s more expensive but easier to be broken.

What we want is a simple and straightforward, old-fashioned can opener. We tried to find it in Canada, went to shops or look for it online, but no one sold it, which is very strange.

Anyway, I found it and bought it for 300 yen. Hopefully, it lasts for a few years. I have other items on my shopping list that I should get in Japan, but I will talk more about it in another episode.

Alright, that’s all for today. Thank you for listening as usual. I hope you liked this episode, and don’t forget to visit my website, nomadonomado.com where you can find the English script of today’s episode.

Also, I will be very happy to receive any comments, feedback and questions. Thank you again and until next time, goodbye!


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