English Diary: It’s so Hot in Japan! 20220514 #2-92

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming back to my channel. My name is Mai and this is Nomadonomado English Diary for the 14th of May 2022.

It’s already been one week since I came back to Japan. I’m really enjoying my stay in Japan so far. I have Japanese food and drinks every day and everything tastes so delicious that I am sure I will put on weight during the stay.

However, I am surprised by the Japanese weather. Honestly, it’s very hot and humid. I can’t believe it! I know lots of foreign visitors complain about the Japanese summer, but I didn’t think I cannot tolerate it either.

Today I went shopping again. I walked to the nearest supermarket. It rained heavily last night and it was still raining in the morning, but the weather improved in the afternoon. We even had some sunshine.

It was just about ten minutes of walking or so, but I felt hot and sweaty. Of course, wearing a mask makes you feel even hotter.

When I think about it, I left Japan in 2003 and I have always lived out of Japan since then. I come back to Japan a couple of times every year but I hadn’t stayed in Japan in the summer.

It’s also because of climate change. The Japanese summer is no longer the one that was familiar to me before. You may say, “but it’s not even the summer yet here!” I know it. May shouldn’t be classified as summer in Japan but I have to say I am having enough.

Funny enough, it seems that the weather in Montreal, Canada is also crazy now. The weather forecast says that it will be more than 30 degrees at most in Montreal today, which is very unusual. Normally, May is one of the most comfortable months in Quebec. It shouldn’t be that hot. It’s definitely climate change everywhere in the world.

Alright, that’s all for today. Thank you for listening as usual. I am very happy to receive any comments, feedback and questions. And don’t forget to visit my website, nomadonomado.com where you can find the English script of today’s episode.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. Thank you very much again and until next time, goodbye.


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