English Diary 一時帰国まで二週間および、英国の高齢生活 20220427 #2-76

Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming back to my channel. This is the Nomadonomado English Diary of the 27th of April 2022.

In two weeks, I am going to fly to Japan. But before that, I need to have a PRC test, which is annoying.

To be honest with you, requiring a PCR test or any kind of test before entering the country doesn’t mean anything. That’s why lots of countries including Kenya stopped it.

There are so many people in Japan who already had covid that there are more chances to get covid in Japan. Then, what is the meaning of forcing travellers to have a test?

Anyway, I don’t think the Japanese government would lift it in two weeks so I should just go to have a test.

Yesterday, my mother in law and I went to a gardening centre. A friend of my mother in law gave us a lift because we don’t have a car or a driver.

It was a beautiful day, with no clouds. It was a bit windy but it’s usual in England. There were lots of people in the garden centre. We bought a few packages of vegetable seeds, small plants for flower baskets and two pots of delphinium to plant in the flower garden.

We also bought four bags of compost: two for flowers and two bags of horse compost for the vegetable garden. Horse compost smells a bit but it’s very good for growing vegetables.

The friend of my mother in law who drove for us is nearly the same age as my mother in law, around 90 years old. But she is quite an active person. She had knee operations before in which she put artificial parts into her knees to replace the damaged parts. She had difficulty with walking before but after the surgery, she can walk more freely without pain, she says.

She can not only drive, but she is also keen on new technology. She uses a smartphone and she does online shopping.

It’s something that impresses me every time I come to England. In this country, older people are so lively. Of course, not everyone is doing well. But lots of people after retirement are very active and enjoying life, which is nice to see and encouraging.

Alright, that’s all for now. Thank you for listening as usual. And don’t forget to visit my website if you are interested in the script for this episode.

I am happy to receive your comments, feedback and questions. Thank you again. I will be back to you soon. Until then goodbye.


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