English Diary 花を生ける 20220426 #2-75

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. This is the Nomadonomado English Diary for the 26th of April 2022.

We have been staying in England since almost three weeks ago. As I talked about gardening in the last few episodes, people in England love gardening. It’s a huge market in this country.

Lots of people have nice gardens. They know how to deal with the plants and flowers. There is a famous TV program about gardening on BBC “Gardeners’ World”. We watched it on Amazon Prime in Canada. It’s all about gardening, a full of information about growing vegetables and flowers and organising the garden. It’s very inspiring and helpful. No wonder it’s broadcasting more than 50 years. If you like gardening or if you are interested in English gardening, I would recommend it.

My mother in law has a beautiful garden. There is a lilac tree in the front garden which has just started flowering. I cut some of the branches and put them in a vase so that we can enjoy the lilac more because we spent most of the time in a conservatory room which faces to the back yard.

The next day I decorated them in the conservatory, one of our friends came to visit us. He brought some flowers to my mother in law.

Because I used to work in a flower shop and I know how to arrange the flowers, my mother in law let me organise the flowers. I put them in another vase in the conservatory.

Alright, that’s all for now. Thank you for listening as usual. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Don’t forget to visit my website, nomadonomado.com where you can find the English script of today’s episode.

Thank you again. I will be back to you soon. Until then, goodbye.


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