English Diary 自家製コンポストを庭土に追加 20220425 #2-74


Hello everyone, thank you for coming back to my channel. This is the Nomadonomado English Diary for the 25th of April 2022.

In the previous episode, I said that I had transplanted the cucumber seedlings into bigger pots. There were three cucumbers and all of them were growing very well.

When I transplanted them, I used the soil which was specifically blended for tomato plants but you can use it for cucumbers. It’s because my mother in law asked me to use it. The earth is of good quality, rich soil, but there were lots of worms and insects in the soil.

Anyway, I planted them and left them in the greenhouse which is located at the corner of the garden. But when I went to see how they were doing the next morning, one of three cucumbers died.

In that pot where the cucumber plant died, there was a trace of a slug. So we think that the cucumber plant was eaten by slugs. It was disappointing, but I believe it will come back because its root must be alive. Let’s see what happens.

It was a shocking morning yesterday, but it didn’t let me down. After the late breakfast, we started working in the garden. I talked about the preparation of the vegetable garden in my episodes before. I have been working in the vegetable patch for the last couple of days. And yesterday, my husband opened the compost bin. The compost was nicely done, so he took some of it and put it into the vegetable garden.

It’s a home compost. Compost is very popular in England as well as in Canada. You can put the kitchen waste in a bin and leave it until it turns into soil.

My mother in law has two bins for compost and some of them were ready to go into the garden. Her vegetable garden was dry and hard. It needed compost. So it was good that my husband spotted the home compost was ready. We put it into the garden and mixed it with the original soil. I think it is better to wait for a week at least before planting something in the garden so that the compost can be matured in the garden.

That’s all for today. Thank you for listening as usual. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you are interested in the script in English, please visit my website, nomadonomado.com.

Thank you again, and I will be back to you soon. Until then, goodbye.


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