English Diary イギリスパブでのディナー 20220423 #2-72


Hello everyone, thank you for coming back to my channel. This is the Nomadonomado English Diary for the 23rd of April 2022.

Yesterday afternoon, one of our friends who lives in Norfolk came to our town. And we went to a pub to have dinner.

He had met my husband’s mother and brother before so we all went for dinner together last night.

We had some beer in the pub as usual and my mother in law had an apple juice. The food was not bad. It was not very exciting but reasonable and good enough.

The pub is supposed to be a very popular place in the town but it was quiet last night. We felt a bit weird, and we guessed some pubs are still struggling with the shortage of staff after the pandemic happened.

It may be the same with taxis. We had a kind of crisis before we left home. It seems difficult to get taxis, especially in the early evening.

My husband managed to book a taxi in advance but he said there was no taxi for more than five people.

So he was planning to walk to the pub with his friend where it would have taken more than 45 minutes. But in the end, they waited for a taxi and went to the pub. They had to wait for a while, but they went to another pub which was located by the taxi company to have extra pints so it was not so bad.

Today, my husband and his brother and his friend are going to Bournemouth to watch the football game. In fact, the friend doesn’t have a ticket to the game, so he will have to walk around in the town or hang around in pubs until the game finishes.

My mother in law and I are going to stay at home and cook dinner together. Tonight, we will eat at home. She also wants to go to her hairdresser’s this afternoon and we want to do some gardening too. I think we are a little too ambitious but let’s see what happens.

Alright, that’s all for now. Thank you for listening as usual. I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Don’t forget to visit my website where you can find today’s script. Thank you again and I will be back to you soon. Until then, goodbye.


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