English Diary ウクライナ難民の受け入れについて 20220420 #2-69


Today I would like to talk about the conversation with our friends in Norwich which we had the other day. They said they were thinking about taking Ukraine refugees.

Coincidentally, my sister in law had also mentioned it before. So I assume there are not little of people who are thinking about it in the UK.

Our friends who live in Norwich are a couple and both of them are already retired. Their children are independent and they have some space in the house.

According to them, they can contact the British government to accept refugee families. Also, there is some agent who matches people in the UK and refugees.

Our friends are thinking of offering a space to live to a small refugee family such as a mother and a child. To bring them over to their house in England, they might have to fly to Poland or somewhere as Ukraine refugees are split into different countries.

As far as I understand, they won’t have to feed them. They just need to provide the room and access to the kitchen. They will receive about three hundred pounds per month from the government to cover extra heating and electricity for the house.

They have had foreign exchange students a couple of times. So I think they know how to deal with people who have language barriers.

I hope their plan works well and they have a fantastic relationship with someone who needs help.

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