English Diary 東京-モントリオール航空券予約しました #2-66


Hello everyone. Welcome to Nomadonomado English Diary. In this episode, I would like to talk about my trip.

I finally booked a ticket from Tokyo to Canada. I said that I had booked the flight from London to Tokyo before, and I bought the ticket from Tokyo to Montreal the day before yesterday.

The reason we didn’t buy the ticket until the day before yesterday is because we were waiting for my credit card to be delivered.

When we started planning this trip, from Montreal to England and Japan, we realised that air Canada started charging the check-in baggage.

It used to be free of charge to check in one bag when we flew to England or Japan from Canada. But it seems to be not free anymore.

They charge seventy Canadian dollars for the first bag to check-in.

However, my husband found that if he uses his American Express card to book the flight, the first bag will be free. He had made an American Express card when they offered a big bonus mileage points with having a new card.

So when I travel with him, we can buy flight tickets together. I can have check-in baggage for free. But this time I am going to fly alone from Japan to Montreal so I will not be able to take advantage of his card.

Therefore, he ordered to add an extra card with my name so that I could buy my flight with that American Express card, even though adding a new card cost him fifty dollars, but still, it cost less than seventy for checking in a bag.

He ordered an additional card for me before we flew to England. Unfortunately, it seemed to be delivered to our Canadian address after we arrived in England.

So my husband called the customer service of American Express and they said that they would stop the initial card and would deliver another card to England. It’s a very good service, isn’t it?

And then, my card was delivered to his mother’s address in England. I could manage to book my ticket with that card without any cost for my suitcase.

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