English Diary ケンブリッジに戻ってきた 20220413 #2-62


Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my channel. This is Nomadonomado English diary. Today is the 13th of April 2022. We are still in England. And the local time is ten past eight in the morning.


Yesterday, we didn’t do much, … many activities. We did not have much energy because of the drinking session a night before. As I talked in the previous episode, we stayed quite late. My husband didn’t go to bed at quarter to two in the morning.


We were so wasted that we didn’t function the next day.

We stayed at a friend’s place for two nights in Norwich and went back to Cambridge where my brother in law lives.


We took a train at 3:27 in the afternoon from Norwich to Cambridge. The train was on time, but there were a couple of nosy girls on the same train with us, as you heard in the audio clip at the beginning of this episode. I recorded it on the train when the train left Norwich station.


My brother in law couldn’t come to the station to pick us up. So we took a bus and walked to his house.


It was about yesterday and today, we are going back to New Milton, Hampshire where my mother in law lives. And beforehand, we are going to do some rapid antigen test before leaving. Because she is 89 years old and we don’t want to bring the coronavirus to her place. If some of us are tested positive we will have to change the game plan. Let’s see what is happening.


That’s all for today. Thank you for listening as usual. I’m happy to receive your comments, feedback and questions. And I hope you enjoyed this episode. I will be back to you soon. Until then goodbye.


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