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Hello everyone. Thank you for tuning in. This is Nomadonomado English version. My name is Mai, and I am the host of this channel. I usually speak Japanese in my episodes, but I started talking in English recently because I want to improve my English speaking skills and my pronunciation.

Today, I’m going to talk about digital nomads. A digital nomad is a relatively new term.

Originally, nomad means people who are not settled in one place and moving to live from one place to another.

This traditional lifestyle still exists, for example, in Mongolia. My husband and I visited Mongolia a few years ago and stayed in a nomad tent, which is called yurt. It was basically a mobile house. They normally have some animals such as goats and especially sheep to make a living.

So, this is a nomadic life. And then, what does digital nomad mean?

Digital nomad means people who can work anywhere using the internet. They don’t have to stay in a specific place to work. Technically, they can work anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

They can work at home, in cafes or bars, hotels, libraries, even at the beach.

I am a freelance writer, so I am a digital nomad too. I work from home in Canada most of the time, but sometimes I work in Japan when I go back to my hometown or I work in other countries when I travel.

Digital nomads are not always freelancers or self-employed. They could be hired by somebody or belong to some organisation.

I think the biggest advantage of being a digital nomad is the flexibility. You don’t necessarily commute to your office every day. You can manage your time more flexibly and you can design your life more efficiently.

I believe the number of digital nomads has grown since the pandemic happened. Lots of people started working from home, thanks to the internet. The internet was such a big life changer and Covid-19 changed our ways of thinking.

Since March 2020, my husband has worked from home all the time. In 2021, we worked from England and Mexico, and we are going to work from England again next month.

Being a digital nomad is not always easy. There are some disadvantages, of course. Still, this lifestyle works well with us. At least, we don’t have to waste our time commuting. Life is too short. We should enjoy our lives as much as possible, don’t you think?

Ok. That’s all for today. Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you want to see the script, it’s available on my website. Please visit

Thank you again and I will be back to you soon. Until then, goodbye!

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